Top tips for avoiding being stung by wasps and bees

Wasps and bees are one of the most annoying parts of the summer.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 12:50 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd September 2019, 3:17 pm

When the weather is warmer they can swarm all over you while you are trying to enjoy a nice drink outside or a day out in the countryside.

Many people are scared of being stung by wasps or bees – and that can put a damper on your time outdoors.

With the warm conditions expected to continue throughout the rest of the week, you could still face being swarmed by them.

Wasp on a human hand

Here are WikiHow’s top tips for avoiding being stung by bees or wasps:

- Wear light-coloured clothing. Bright floral colours attract bees and wasps.

- Wear red. Insects cannot see red but are attracted to white and yellow.

- Avoid perfumed soap and shampoo. Also avoid wearing perfume, cologne or aftershave. If you smell like a flower, the bee or wasp might think you are one.

- Keep your clothes and body clean. The smell of sweat seems to aggravate bees and make them more aggressive. It doesn't do much for humans either.

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- Don't try to hit the insect. Swinging or swatting at an insect may cause it to sting. Stay calm and move with gentle gestures.

- Do not run. Calmly walk away without making a fuss or waving your hands about. Commotion will attract the insect, especially if it is a wasp.

- Know that bees are most active during the warmest hours of the day.

- Wasps are attracted to food, so don't leave food or sweet drinks out.

-Keep an eye on your food and drink. Wasps are attracted to food and sweet drinks. Bees will quite happily land on a sugary cake or cookie at your picnic.

- Keep outdoor food inside containers before eating and after eating; less yummy odours to attract the insects.

- Do not burn scented candles or incense when eating or spending time outdoors. The scent will attract the insects.

- Leave wasp nests and bee hives well alone.

- Do not squash or crush wasps. The odor that is released will attract all of its buddies to defend (or avenge) and that is something nobody wants to bring down on themselves.