Election 2021: Havant Borough Council results and reaction as Conservatives sweep the board

A BLUE wave hit the Havant Borough Council election count today as all of the 14 seats up for grabs went to Conservative candidates.

Returning officer Brian Wood announced the results at midday at the count hall set up in Havant Leisure Centre.

In Barncroft, Bedhampton, Cowplain, Emsworth, Hart Plain, Hayling East, Hayling West, Purbrook, St Faith’s, Stakes, and Waterloo, the Conservative party held its seats.

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Conservative candidates celebrate winning and holding every seat in Havant. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)

Malc Carpenter of the Hampshire Independents lost his Battins seat to Conservative Tom Moutray, and Labour lost its Bondfields seat.

UKIP’s Warren Park seat has also been lost to Conservatives.

Several Conservative candidates celebrating their success promised to work hard in their roles.

Cllr Stone, who has just been elected to Havant Borough Council for Bondfields, said: ‘I’ve already been out and about contacting residents prior to the election, and I look forward to starting work immediately.’

Leah Turner, Conservative candidate for Hayling East. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)

Havant Borough Council now has 36 Conservative councillors, one Labour councillor, and one Liberal Democrat, with no Independent representatives.

Imogen Payter, newly elected councillor for the ward of St Faith’s, said: ‘Very happy with the outcome in St Faith’s, very happy to be elected, I worked very hard to do it, and I look forward to working even harder.’

The average turnout for this election, including postal votes, was 31 per cent.

Emsworth had the highest voter turnout at 44.64 per cent, while Warren Park had the lowest at 16.33 per cent.

Brenda Linger, elected to Hayling West. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)

Alan Mak MP, a Conservative, said that he is pleased with the outcome of the election.

He said: ‘Thank you to local residents for their continuing support.

‘Our councillors work hard alongside me all year round for our community, and I’m delighted we have several new young councillors joining our experienced team to deliver for our area.

‘This is a great set of election results for local Conservatives across the Havant constituency, and I know our councillors will continue to work hard for our communities, alongside me as local MP.

Peter Wade, representative for Waterloo. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)

‘Thank you to residents for their strong support.’


Yvonne Weeks (Con) 578

Anthony Berry (Lab) 177

Bradley Stuart-James (Lib Dem) 110

Turnout 19%

Imogen Payter, newly elected councillor for St Faiths. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)

Majority 401

Con hold


Tom Moutray (Con) 430

Jason Horton (Lab) 221

Malc Carpenter (Hampshire Independents) 122

Annie Martin (Lib Dem) 118

Turnout 18.25%

Majority 209

Con gain


David Guest (Con) 1,255

Philippa Gray (Lib Dem) 762

Philip Pearson (Lab) 232

Rosie Blackburn (Green) 156

Turnout 32.55%

Majority 493

Con hold


Richard Stone (Con) 590

Amy Louise Redsull (Lab) 302

Isabel Harrison (Lib Dem) 100

Turnout 20.1%

Majority 288

Con gain


David Keast (Con) 1,643

Quentin Wallace-Jones (Green) 395

Lisa Tyler-Jackson (Lib Dem) 295

Turnout 31.71%

Majority 1,248

Con hold


Lulu Bowerman (Con) 1,961

Steve Bilbe (Lab) 777

Anne Sayer (Green) 511

Jane Briggs (Lib Dem) 439

Turnout 44.64%

Majority 1,184

Con hold

Hart Plain

Elaine Shimbart (Con) 1,512

Susan Arnold (Lab) 392

Suzette Gray (Lib Dem) 248

Turnout 28.23%

Majority 1,120

Con hold

Haying East

Leah Turner (Con) 1,426

Wilf Forrow (Lib Dem) 505

Robert Soar (Green) 329

Lynn Tolmon (Lab) 316

Turnout 33.98%

Majority 921

Con hold

Hayling West

Brenda Linger (Con) 1,458

Sheree Earnshaw (Lab) 479

Paul Gray (Lib Dem) 476

Richard Lanchester (Green) 268

Turnout 38.91%

Majority 979

Con hold


Caren Howard (Con) 1,513

Simon Hagan (Lab) 373

Patrick Bealey (Green) 219

Paul Tansom (Lib Dem) 266

Turnout 31.59%

Majority 1,140

Con hold

St Faiths

Imogen Payter (Con) 1,497

Phil Munday (Lab) 1,073

Faith Ponsonby (Lib Dem) 359

Shelley Saunders (Green) 307

Turnout 40%

Majority 424

Con hold


Dianne Elizabeth Lloyd (Con) 1,211

Lorraine Louise Brown (Lab) 424

Gregory Philip Anthony Pearson (Lib Dem) 181

Turnout 23.67%

Majority 787

Con hold

Warren Park

Tony Denton (Con) 487

Richard Brown (Lab) 247

John Jones (Lib Dem) 92

Turnout 16.33%

Majority 240

Con gain


Peter Wade (Con) 1,869

Howard Sherlock (Lab) 381

Izzy Fletcher (Lib Dem) 344

Turnout 32.05%

Majority 1,488

Con hold

Elizabeth Lloyd for Stakes at the election count for Havant at Havant Leisure Centre. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)
The count at Havant Leisure Centre. Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)
Results were announced at Havant Leisure Centre earlier today (May 8). Picture: Stuart Martin (220421-7042)