Fareham resident says busy junction needs traffic calming measures

CALLS are being made for traffic-calming measures to be installed at a busy junction.

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 1:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 2:35 pm

It comes as drivers using Newgate Lane in Fareham are still getting stuck in traffic as they leave Speedfields Industrial Park.

Hampshire County Council spent millions of pounds to improve the roads but has since undergone a review of the road layout.

So far, they have taken out vegetation to improve sight lines, which they say has helped the situation.

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But Fareham resident Bob Blackman said more needs to be done. He has written to the county council suggesting a list of traffic-calming measures that he thinks will improve the roundabout.

They include having give way road markings, ‘reduce speed now’ signs and a roundabout sign.

He based his suggestions on the roundabout on Wallington Way in Fareham, near the industrial estate at Broadcut.

Mr Blackman said: ‘Despite a review at the end of February, the problem of getting out of Speedfields Park has yet to be resolved to the satisfaction of anyone – either customers, staff or shop owners.

‘The solution is obvious to anyone with common sense.

‘The council needs to mark the approach road from Fareham up to the roundabout with proper give way markings on the road surface.

‘They need to put up warning signs telling motorists to slow down and paint a yellow box at that part of the junction where it gets clogged up.’

Mr Blackman added the congestion ‘is killing Speedfields Industrial Park’.

‘People will stop going there if they know they are going to get stuck for more than an hour sometimes trying to get out,’ he said.

In a response to Mr Blackman’s concerns, Dominic McGrath, strategic transport manager for the county council, said: ‘We’re aware of the difficulties accessing Speedfields Park since the opening of the Newgate Lane scheme.

‘I am pleased to advise that the council has already commissioned a review along the lines you suggest.

‘I have passed your suggestions on to the review team for consideration.’

He added: ‘It is further anticipated that the completion of works at Peel Common roundabout will further ease the situation.’