Portsmouth '˜Tory tip tax' faces fresh criticism

PLANNED cuts to the Port Solent rubbish tip have been delayed '“ but concerns grow over a new '˜Tory tip tax' imposed on families.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 12:06 pm

Portsmouth City Council had initially proposed the closure of the site every Thursday from the New Year, and to reduce opening hours every other day of the week.

The intention was to follow proposed changes made by Hampshire County Council to its waste management centres, as it was feared more pressure would be piled on the Portsmouth service else.

But the county delayed closing its centres one day of the week until October 2017, as leaders weren’t happy with a ‘lack of clarity’ from the government over the future of waste centres.

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And now Portsmouth has decided not to follow suit and make any changes to Port Solent until October too.

But residents still have to pay to dump their DIY waste at Port Solent, a move which critics fear will lead to a spike in fly-tipping across the city.

Portsmouth Lib Dem boss, Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said he was pleased the tip was not going to close on Thursdays anytime soon – but the ‘Tory tip tax’ would lead to more rubbish building up on city streets by disgruntled residents who refuse to pay to leave their waste at the site.

‘What this is going to mean is yet more fly-tipping and yet more rubbish being dumped all over Portsmouth,’ said the former council leader.

‘Ultimately this is just going to cost the city council even more cash. I am pleased that the tip will remain open on Thursday for a year, but the whole thing, in our opinion, was a bad idea from the very start.’ Tory environment boss, Cllr Rob New, said: ‘Fly tips are reducing, despite political scaremongering, and the new powers that the clean city team has to tackle these issues, mean we’ll continue to be tough on these matters.

‘Additionally, I feel it’s an important to continue to communicate what can be disposed of for free at the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Port Solent.

‘Recycling of household goods and waste is important to driving up the city’s recycling rates, which is something that the Conservative administration is committed to tackling.’