Portsmouth bomb disposal experts detonate 500lb wartime device

NAVY bomb disposal experts have detonated a huge Second World War bomb.

Divers from Southern Diving Unit 2, based in Horsea Island, Portsmouth, blew up the SC 500lb air-dropped bomb, found at Brondesbury Park building site near Brent, north-west London.

Army engineers had rendered the fuse safe during the night before the naval experts then detonated the bomb at Shrewburyness Range near Southend, Essex at 11.30am yesterday.

AB (Diver) Liam Boardman initiated the demolition of the bomb, supported by the navy’s team of duty mine clearance divers, led by Petty Officer Diver Craig Waghorn, and including Leading Diver Matthew Smark and AB Diver Steve Lundsten who travelled from their base to assist the Army team.

PO Diver Waghorn said: ‘It was good to work with the Army on this joint disposal operation and we’ll be glad to get back to base after a busy week on our duty call-out.’