Reg's Gosport seminar will recognise women divers' contribution

Renowned diver Reg Vallintine is to hold a seminar at Gosport's Diving Museum later this month on the contribution of women divers throughout history.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 6:01 am
The Diving Museum in Gosport
The Diving Museum in Gosport

Reg is known around the world for scuba diving, having been on underwater expeditions and directed diving schools around the globe.

He has also published numerous articles and books on the history of sports diving.

In the seminar he will travel chronologically through time, stopping off where women featured strongly, including the first use of diving belles and the world of scuba.

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Reg has met many women divers in his career, including underwater actor and model Lotte Hass, who died at 86.

Women in diving have had to contend with a great deal of prejudice, dating back to Ancient Greece.

Reg said; ‘Most think it is male-dominated sport and is male work, but don’t know the history of women since 5000 BC who have played a huge part in diving.’

He is part of the Historical Diving Society, which is very keen to advertise the museum.

Publicity officer Margaret Marks said; ‘On average we get 40 visitors a day. We have a small but steady stream of women divers who come to visit and an increasing number of non- diver women who bring their children and grandchildren.’

‘Women do tend to be more interested in learning about people rather than things, so with this in mind we plan to increase our people information displays and, of course, ensure that women get a fair mention for their contribution of knowledge of the diving world.’

Local Heroes Month is under way at the museum in memory of diver Commander Buster Crabb, who went missing in Portsmouth Harbour 60 years ago.

His medals are housed in the museum, which is inviting children to make their own medals.

Lastly, do not miss the opportunity to come and see the entire collection and speak with some of the diving experts on hand to explain about the history of this fascinating pastime.

Tickets for Reg Vallintine’s talk on April 30 cost £6 and are available from the HDS website:

Please note that tickets are limited due to seating capacity.

For any more information, please contact [email protected]