Portsmouth is one of the worst UK cities for car thefts, research suggests

MOTORISTS in Portsmouth are more likely to have their vehicles stolen than almost any other UK city, according to a new study.

Research compiled by Scrap Car Comparison suggests that Portsmouth is the fourth worst city in the UK for vehicle thefts, based on the number of victims publicly coming forward.

Glasgow, Brighton and Belfast topped the table, with Southampton placing 22nd in the study.

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Car thefts are a major problem in Portsmouth, the research suggests. Picture: Peter Thacker

Managing director Dan Gick said: ‘The unfortunate thing about owning something nice in today’s world, is that there is likely someone out there who would want to steal it from you, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to our cars.

‘Vehicle theft takes place every single day, so it's something all drivers need to be mindful of, and to take the right precautions wherever you leave your car.

‘If you’re parking your car, whether for a couple of hours or to a longer period of time, there’s a few things that you can consider to help keep your car as safe as possible.’

Scrap Car Comparison has recommended parking somewhere near CCTV or traffic cameras if possible, hiding valuable belongings and keeping important documents – such as the vehicle’s logbook – at home.

The firm has also suggested that despite seeming ‘over the top’ it’s worth investing in a steering wheel lock to give you extra peace of mind.

The research analysed 257,268 tweets including terms such as “car was stolen” from cities and countries around the world, to highlight where people are most frequently discussing the topic.