Today's Wordle answer: What is the answer for Wordle 397, why has my streak reset, what is Wordle, how to play, what are the rules and can you share your results?

WORDLE is one of the most popular games online in 2022 – but what is it and how do you play?
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The mobile game has been trending on Twitter for months – and was recently purchased by The New York Times.

Due to its ongoing popularity, many have been questioning what Wordle is, how to play, and what the different coloured squares mean.

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Here is everything you need to know about Wordle:

What is Wordle?

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Wordle is a brainteaser game where players are faced with a block of 30 squares with a letter keyboard at the bottom.

The game gives players a maximum of six attempts to guess what the word is by typing in five-letter words into the block.

Popular word game Wordle is available via your web browser.Popular word game Wordle is available via your web browser.
Popular word game Wordle is available via your web browser.

You can only play one game per day and each daily game uses a randomly selected word from a list of 2,500 words.

What is the Wordle answer for today?

Today is Wordle 397 – if you were unsuccessful in getting the answer, we have the solution here.

Spoiler warning….

The answer for Wordle 397 is aphid.

What do the coloured squares mean?

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Once the player has entered their chosen word, the letters which have been guessed and positioned correctly will turn green.

The letters which have been guessed correctly but are in the wrong position will then turn yellow and when letters are incorrect, the square will turn grey.

Who created the app?

Wordle was developed by Brooklyn programmer, Josh Wardle.

Josh has previously created the social experiments Place and The Button for Reddit.

He named the app Wordle as it is a pun on his last name and he initially created the game so he and his partner, Palak Shah, had a game that they could play together.

The game was created in mid-October 2021.

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The developer told The Guardian that he is overwhelmed by the success of the word game app.

He said: ‘It going viral doesn’t feel great to be honest. I feel a sense of responsibility for the players. I feel I really owe it to them to keep things running and make sure everything’s working correctly.’

Why are people tweeting about Wordle?

Wordle allows players to share their results with their followers on social media platform, Twitter.

Due to this, the game went viral in late December 2021 and continues to grow in popularity.

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Players have been tweeting a grid of grey, yellow and green squares to show off their Wordle score.

Richard Osman, co-presenter of Pointless, is among those who have shown off their stats on the platform.

He tweeted a picture of his score and said: ‘Wordle 203 6/6. So nearly snatched grinding defeat from the jaws of immediate victory this morning.’

How to play

Users do not need to download an app to play the word game.

Wordle is available online and you can play the game here.

Why has my Wordle streak reset?

Your Wordle streak may reset permanently if you delete your browsing history, browsing data or if you reset your device.

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The streak may also disappear if you add the Wordle web link to your home screen.

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