Sharenting: how you could be putting your child's identity at risk

Parenting sharenting (Photo: Shutterstock)Parenting sharenting (Photo: Shutterstock)
Parenting sharenting (Photo: Shutterstock)

Parents guilty of 'sharenting' - otherwise known as posting personal information about their children on social media - are risking identity theft and online fraud.

According to security specialists from Barclays bank, it has never been easier for identity thieves to find targets, as a child's information will remain online indefinitely.

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By 2030, sharenting could cost close to £670 million in online fraud per year, according to Barclays.

Why is my child at risk?

The details parents post about their children on social media could later be used by fraudsters to answer security questions and hack into accounts, or for identity fraud scams.

Full names, dates of birth, addresses, schools, names of pets and even photos posted innocently on social media could all be used fraudulently years later when the children are adults.

How can I protect my child's information?

You can still post about your child online, but be sure to check your privacy settings regularly so that only those you know and trust can view their details.

Be aware of what others (such as family members) are posting about your little ones too - they may not understand the risks.

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