Pompey supporters rally behind Adam May

Pompey fans have shown their class in getting behind midfield talent Adam May.

Wednesday, 13th June 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:46 pm
Adam May. Picture: Joe Pepler

May has spoken of dealing with flak from sections of the Fratton faithful.

Last season the 20-year-old found himself a target of supporter criticism, particularly on social media.

But the Pompey Academy graduate has learned to brush it aside as he continues to press his claims for a regular first-team spot.

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And while saddened by the revelation, Blues fans have saluted his level-headed approach.

Commenting at portsmouth.co.uk, Tom Haustead said: ‘It’s such a shame someone so young, with so few first team games, is dealing with that.

‘Our fans have previous for this, too.

‘The one that really stands out for me from recent times is Dan Butler.

‘He was a kid and in his first few games he was a marauding full-back.

‘He was always looking to get up the pitch and take a chance or two.

‘But he got torn apart by our crowd every time he lost the ball or put in a bad cross.

‘And by the end of his time with us he was a timid, backwards passing, shell of himself.

‘He got to the stage where he would rather be completely ineffectual, so he could at least avoid being abused by his own supporters.

‘Of course it is a minority, but it is enough that it has an impact on these guys.’

Hugh Kendrick echoed those sentiments and backed May’s stance. He added: ‘Well said Adam.

‘Sadly there will always be small sections of the crowd like that.

‘We know you will go on to prove them wrong.’

Barry Eaton reckons a little support from Pompey fans could go a long way.

He said: ‘Anyone who watched the FA Youth Cup against Manchester City – where he was the best player on the pitch – will have seen what a good player Adam will be.

‘He needs encouragement not criticism, support not sniping.

‘Not that I’d want him to go but in a year or two he could be our next bankable gem.

‘Give the guy a chance. He is young and learning. A good player now, probably an even better one in the future.’

In reply, Mike Hill said: ‘True. Some supporters forget the younger lads are learning their trade.

‘Inexperienced and raw, nobody (unless he’s Pele) is a world-beater at that age, so for goodness sake give them a chance.

‘They will make mistakes, their inexperience will show at times but they will learn and they will be better players for it.

‘And they are OUR lads, wearing the famous blue shirt, so come on, give them a break now and again and stop being over-critical.

‘If they prove to be not up to the task, then Kenny Jackett will take them out of the firing line and either move them on, or give them a chance later to prove themselves.

‘But the young lads coming through are the long-term future of the club. They need and deserve our backing, not our barracking.’

Andy Reilly seconded Hill’s view. He added: ‘Well said. I really don’t want to see our academy players becoming stars at other clubs.’

Adrian Laming acknowledges fans will always want to vent their frustrations but is saddened when the targets are young players.

He said: ‘Although I can understand at times supporters frustrations at players who don’t appear to try too hard or even care, it is hard to understand why sections go after young players learning their trade.

‘So much of the game can be attributed to confidence and belief that they are capable of playing at this level, knocking a young player can have a big impact.

‘For what it’s worth, I have seen potential in Adam May that, if developed and nurtured correctly, will see a player that can have a career in the game if not maybe at the very top of it. Time will tell.’

Peter Purdy added his voice to the support of May, wishing him luck for next season and beyond.

He said: ‘Good luck, Adam. It’s great to see our young players coming through.

‘I just hope our great supporters cut them some slack and give them time to find their feet and develop.’

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