Pompey's new badges receive supporter praise

Pompey's new crests have been praised as a '˜tick in the box' by the club's owners.

Tornante yesterday unveiled two new badges, which will be introduced for the 2018-19 campaign.

They are the result of consultation with supporters and the newly-formed Heritage & Advisory Board.

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Pompey Supporters’ Trust chairman Simon Colebrook and fellow Trust board members Clare Martin and Pam Wilkins were involved in the process.

They sat on a Heritage & Advisory Board which voted unanimously in favour of the designs.

And Colebrook has praised Pompey’s owners for the outcome.

He said: ‘From the perspective of the three Trust board members, we are very happy.

‘When it was unveiled to everyone on the Heritage & Advisory Board a few weeks ago, we weren’t expecting anything too radical, but it still brings a slight sigh of relief.

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‘It is absolutely a tick in the box – they got this one right.

‘It has kept the key elements, such as the star and crescent, which I felt was important, and made those little tweaks which make it copyrightable.

‘The star is slightly more like a nautical star, therefore a link to the city’s heritage, while the introduction of the year is recognition of the club’s founding of, which I think is sensible.

‘It doesn’t have the words ‘Portsmouth FC’ in it because people should see our crest and recognise it instantly.

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‘The idea is the more plain shield goes onto the kit – while the additional crest will be used for commercial stuff, such as letterheads.

‘For merchandising products and also general commercial business, you’d normally have the name incorporated onto the badge.

‘In terms of a consultation, I’m very happy that the fans have been genuinely consulted.

‘It has been a proper consultation exercise, lots of views have been taken into account, and certainly from my perspective – and I hope my colleagues – I think everyone should be happy.’