Are Portsmouth’s owners happy to chug along in League One?...  They’re doing everything they said - I don’t want to risk losing club again…

There’s been some strong views from Pompey fans, both in support and criticising the club’s owners.

By Jordan Cross
Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 1:02 pm
Pompey owner Michael Eisner with Kenny Jackett and Mark Catlin. Photo by Joe Pepler/Digital South.
Pompey owner Michael Eisner with Kenny Jackett and Mark Catlin. Photo by Joe Pepler/Digital South.

That’s after Kenny Jackett stated his playing budget will not change next season. Here’s a selection of those thoughts.


As Lee Brown said: “The summer will reveal the owners’ ambition”. Are Tornante happy for Pompey to chug along in L1 or are they shooting higher? It’s a fair question now.

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Ian Darke


No-one is asking Eisners to throw ridiculous money around but investment is needed in better quality players. So much for brick by brick more like brick dust by brick dust.

Lorraine Wells

Pompey owner Michael Eisner with Kenny Jackett and Mark Catlin. Photo by Joe Pepler/Digital South.


The owners are improving the ground by increasing the capacity, more seats = more fans = more money. The money for Clarke and Lowe could be used to buy 3 or 4 players and strengthen the squad. How do you think the current team we do In the Championship? We need a real solid team or investment, we punched above our weight last season.

Paul Mclachlan


It sounds really depressing and if we lose Clarke and Lowe I would think we will be more than lucky to put together a side that can match last season. It sounds as if the owners have little ambition, and I still don’t know if they have any meaningful strategy for taking the club forward.

Michael Darke


They’re doing everything they said they would, building the club bit by bit again. Yes it’s frustrating missing out on promotion or certain players but the bigger picture must be focussed on. We nearly lost our club once I don’t want to risk it again.

Marlon Neil


The ownership of Pompey explained what the policy would be, when they took over the club, they were honest, promised to stabilise and progress in a steady and sensible fashion, wouldn’t throw silly money at the club, would live within their means, and not in any way risk or mortgage away the football club's future, while at the same time making steady progress on and off the field.

Mike Hill


It’s hard to see any investment at all from the owners. Apart from the money that will come from player sales this summer there are the fees received for Chaplin and the Webster sell-on. Add the proceeds of the cup runs and there is significant funds already in the coffers. Wigan in 17-18 and Sunderland this year operated on budgets of £11 million. We should ,at least, be able to move in that direction.

Kevin Manning


Have to say, this is not a very encouraging message to come out of the club at this point. I understand the 'brick by brick' policy and accept a sensible financial approach given the problems of the past, but with key players potentially likely to leave, we surely need any proceeds from these potential sales to be reinvested to acquire better quality replacements.

Charles Jenkins


Another season with no investment. Not saying the owners need to go mad but we need to invest in some better forwards. Not once this season did we blow a team away.

Ray Layton