We've just lost our first league game since October and there's boos - get a grip Portsmouth fans!

Portsmouth fans have been reacting to the MK Dons defeat on social media. Here’s a selection of those views.

By Jordan Cross
Sunday, 16th January 2022, 6:00 pm

Why do Pompey fans want everything perfect? Just lost our first game in 10 league games and it’s a disaster ‘we’re this.. we’re that..’ ‘Cowley isn’t a good manager’ . Sorry we should’ve just got Pep in instead then eh. This is football in EFL league 1. Go support City


Maybe instead of booing we should get behind the team…#Boogate #Pompey

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I see that after not losing a league game since October, now #pompey have lost one close game, against a good side, that Danny Cowley has gone back to being the PE teacher to the morons on here.


How embarrassing are our fans these days. Players giving 100% yesterday and trying to play the right way and moans and groans when they lose the ball. We’re League One, of course it won’t be perfect. Expectations are far beyond what the team are currently capable of. #pompey

Pompey players and fans were left disappointed by the MK Dons loss.


Delighted to sign for such a big club in @Pompey on loan. Looking forward to getting started.


So frustrating from Pompey, were the better team, but we can't take our chances. I can't even blame it on a striker today as the ball fell to other players that missed the 3 sitters :( #pompey


Credit where credit is due to #Pompey today. The introduction of COVID passports and thousands of fans moving seats could have been a recipe for disaster but all went very smoothly today. You could imagine the meltdown if it hadn't.


Booing at halftime yesterday was an absolute joke by the way. Perfectly within your rights to boo as a paying customer but it doesn’t make you any less of an idiot.

Hope this helps.


I get fed up with #Pompey fans digging others out on here for booing or leaving early, just let people do what they want. Does someone leaving early affect you in any way?

We all see games differently and react to situations in different ways it’s part of being human


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