'Club can't spend what it doesn't have... sounds like good approach' - Portsmouth fans share thoughts on Ben Close' future

Pompey fans on social media have been debating Pompey’s stance on Ben Close.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 6:00 pm

The Blues had the option of extending the midfielder's existing deal for another year – a move which Danny Cowley admitted usually includes a pay rise.

Yet the Fratton Park head coach admitted Pompey were not in a position to do that because of the financial impact of coronavirus.

Instead, the 24-year-old has been offered a two-year stay on reduced terms.

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In the meantime. supporters have weighed into the discussion and offered their views on the matter.

Here’s a selection of the views shared...

Andy Popham: I, for one, hope that Ben Close stays and does accept the offer on the table.

Pompey midifielder Ben Close

A few weeks ago an ex-Pompey player told Andy Moon that Ben Close has excellent technical ability and of course he’s absolutely right, he does.

He’s one of the few players in our team who wouldn’t look out of place in the Championship.

Mario Sammut: The club can't spend money it hasn't got considering there was no income during the pandemic.

Sentiments aside, Pompey need hungry and talented players who are willing to prove themselves without the big wages.

Just look at Accrington !!!

Richard Hills: Some of these players will have to gamble with their futures.

Don’t take a reduced wage and leave, hoping a better club will come in for them, bearing in mind none of them have been head hunted by any notable clubs. Or sign for another year, show their true potential and worth.

Daz OLeary: The Cowleys seem to really like him. Definitely played better since they joined.

May have a better future than past. Worth another go. Great player when he's on form.

Richard Price: I think a lot of people need to remember we've just been through a pandemic.

A lot of people have lost their jobs. We've lost a lot of companies, a lot of shops didn't reopen and won't.

People are still on furlough. We won't be the only club offering smaller deals.

Did we forget what happened the last time a rich owner 'bankrolled' us? Owners put that debt onto the club!

David Foster: Footballers’ wages are completely shaped by market forces.

If the pandemic has driven all L1 contracts downwards why would you offer more?

Ultimately they need to decide how best to spend the budget.

Glen Jones: Sounds like a good approach to me. They offered what they feel his market value is.

Nick Robinson: 8 years loyal professional service and improving career development and they offer a 24 year old reduced terms. Pathetic.

Brian Homer: I think it's a shame as he is a Pompey lad but we can't afford sentiment.

He is an ok L1 midfielder but not one who could hold a regular starting spot in a promotion challenging side.

Perhaps Cowley sees him only as a solid squad player but not a regular starter hence the contract offer on the table.