Fans react to reports Portsmouth's season is set to end - and Blues to miss out on promotion

Pompey fans on social media have been giving their views on news that the remaining fixtures in this season’s League One and Two will be scrapped.

Friday, 8th May 2020, 12:35 pm
Updated Friday, 8th May 2020, 3:49 pm
Pompey fans are resigning themselves to the fact that the season is likely now to be finished

Clubs will then vote on a method to decide promotion and relegation, with a weighted points-per-game system (PPG) based on how many matches sides have played home and away reportedly the current favourite.

If that method was adopted, it would see Pompey finish seventh in League One – despite currently sitting fourth and just two points outside the automatic promotion places with nine fixtures remaining.

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Meanwhile, other means proposed would also see the Blues miss out.

Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin conceded earlier this week that logistical issues may put paid to the season, despite strongly advocating it must be played to a conclusion.

Now Pompey fans on social media have been airing their views.

Here’s what a selection of fans on Facebook and Twitter had to say...

Lorraine Wells: This is so wrong! Why are Leagues One and Two being treated differently? I’m not going to give up hope!

Please do not do this to League One and League Two.

If Premier League finish the season then so must we.

There must be a way of funding the tests to help struggling clubs.

@Ultragrumpy: We were discussing last night that it was time someone made the inevitable decision, but as to the way forward, surely the only option is to void the 2019-2020 season completely?

Perry Groves: We wasn’t good enough anyway go next year.

@Michael58246128: League 1 is a dreadful place for Pompey to be at the moment.

The ‘tiddlers’ are massing as one to drag the bigger clubs down to their level.

Salary caps, extra taxes, regional leagues are some of the horrors that could be imposed on our well run club!

Christopher Elston: Right the season off. No promotion or relegation.

The total prize money for the league is shared equally amongst all the clubs. Start afresh with new season. Job done.

@greggers53: I don’t see any chance of completing the season as there are too many risks and no possibility of playing home and away.

In any case I wouldn’t want promotion with so many financial imponderables.

I would just say I’m concerned about a blanket salary cap.

Vincent Richardson: Sensible decision.

@PORTSMOUTHFCLEE: Just doesn’t sit right with me. Need to finish this season. Before we think about next season.

I know this is an extreme situation but for me it makes things a whole lot worse.

Everything annulled like it didn’t happen is a travesty for players and supporters alone.

@p0mpeyablie: I had this thought that maybe they could expunge the results of the reverse postponed games but then saw some teams had played more than others plus Pompey would lose 16 points.

@paul9lewis1: I sadly think that it's over.

Right now there's a much bigger fish to fry, finding a vaccine, ensuring that the inevitable economy issues that were always coming but doubly so now can somehow be mitigated.

I am like all fans gutted but its next season before we see a game.