Fratton faithful send clear message to Portsmouth boss Danny Cowley over youth involvement after faint play-off hopes end at Morecambe

The Fratton faithful have sent a clear message to Danny Cowley regarding the involvement of youth players in his first team.

It’s something they’d strongly like to see before the end of the season!

This means they have little to play for before the term’s climax – and supporters believe now is as good a time as any to give youth a chance with only three games of the campaign remaining.

The Blues chief has been reluctant to call upon members of his youth contingent, with the likes of Jay Mingi, Liam Vincent, Harry Jewitt-White and January signing Ollie Webber having to make do with places on the bench rather than match-day minutes.

That’s despite the manager often left aggrieved by hectic fixture schedules.

But with three dead-rubber games approaching against Gillingham, Wigan and Sheffield Wednesday, many are of the opinion that youth should get its chance to shine.

Here’s what fans have said on Twitter and Facebook when asked if fledgling stars should be used between now and the end of the season…

Top left, clockwise: Jay Mingi, Liam Vincent, Harry Jewitt-White and Dan Gifford

Chris Allison: Yes, give the kids a chance, we have nothing to lose and it's a perfect opportunity to see if they shine in a competitive environment.

Ian Sands: Anyone who is likely to be here next season should play, we desperately need to be doing something to build for the new season now. Youngsters included of course.

Dean Martin: What do we have to lose, I remember when Jim Smith chucked a load of kids in, everyone was like, what is going on, but they were good enough.

We are now playing nothing games, give them all a go, never know, some might save a few quid and be good enough already, but will never know by not playing them.

Ian Piper: Yes, but in a well managed way so they benefit from the experience rather than being damaged by it.

Tim Pyke: Definitely drop Bazunu and pop Webber in the sticks. We know we won't have Baz next season so need to blood someone.

As for the others, play people that will be here next season and drop the players expected to leave in the summer.

Shawn Woodward: Definitely, promotion has gone but I doubt he will.

Bill Marshall: Trouble is all the teams we are playing either going for promotion, or to avoid relegation. Don't think other clubs would be happy if we put out a weaker team.

Hugh Skilling: 100% play them all. Next year majority of the existing team will be gone anyway. Now's the time to see the youngsters.

Dan McClumpha: Yeah I would for Gillingham, it’s no harm done, would love to see Vincent ,Gifford & Jewitt- White.

Stephen Bishop: I’d like to see Mingi given some game time.

He looked pacey, so would be good to see if he can cut it at this level. With his contract up in the summer it makes a lot of sense.

Aaron Grimble: 100%... get the players that are likely to leave in the summer out of the squad & keep them injury free.. give youngsters some game time/experience.

Tanya Roberts Chinnery: Yes definitely especially the Gillingham game and give Webber a go in goal. Maybe not for Wigan though.

@JAudley89: Yes! Got 3 games & some of the lads who may already know they are leaving this summer may not want to risk a serious injury

Give Webber some time & if we can recall Monga too

@royclark567: Yes. We have nothing to go for and can't even drop more than 2 places if we lose the last few games.

Joe Parkinson: Should have been done weeks ago. We weren’t going to make it anyway, this is what’s so confusing.

Peter Tarrant: Yes let's give them a go pup

@Djliamh: Should have happened weeks ago, when funnily enough, our chances of the playoffs ended.

Andy Watson: Definitely nothing to lose really, let’s see what they can do and give them some first team experience.