‘Another dreadful transfer window, no ambition., the season is a write off’ - How Portsmouth fans have reacted to the Blues’ transfer window.

Pompey fans on social media have been reacting after the January transfer window slammed shut on Monday evening.

By Pepe Lacey
Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 6:00 pm

The Blues made five acquisitions during the month, with Hayden Carter, Tyler Walker, Denver Hume, Ollie Webber and Aiden O’Brien coming through the doors at Fratton Park.

Despite this activity, to many, January has been seen as a disappointment.

Indeed, when we asked Blues fans on both Twitter and Facebook for their verdicts on the January window and whether the Fratton Park outfit went into the month stronger than when they came out, we were inundated with replies, with only a few seeing the positives.

Here’s what was said.


@jakemeyers2015: Seven out, Five in... So, definitely weaker in terms of numbers.

Pompey fans on social media have been left disappointed following the Blues' lack of incomings.

In terms of quality? Probably a little too early to judge, but I'm not convinced that we have made significant improvements on those that have gone out the door.

Really poor window for Pompey.

@LukeDykes: I think we are now stronger.

We’ve a better attacking line-up than before, and a better defence.

Failing to sign a midfielder will come to haunt us though, although this season is about transition.

Far better to sign the right players for the real push next year.

@DJKiriby14: I have NO idea why anyone could say stronger? The same perhaps, but improvement was needed after a goals ratio of 1.2 a match; the defence was never the problem!

It’s been attacking deadwood out & attacking deadwood in.

However, it MIGHT not be Danny Cowley’s fault!

@pompey_geez_1: Poor and weaker.

Less numbers and largely like for like replacements, the one possible exception being Hume who may be an upgrade on Brown. Maybe.

@pompeyjd: A poor window but stronger than when we went in, hopefully Walker/O’Brien will be an upgrade on Harrison/Marquis/Ahadme.

Carter a great addition at centre back and reckon Hume is a slight upgrade on Brown and only 23.

Nonetheless, needed 2 more signings for a play-off push.

@pfcmichael: Departures can be seen as positives.... If you improve. Which we haven't.

Extremely poor but who's surprised at this point?


Owen Stenton: Yet another dreadful transfer window.

Struggle to remember one that wasn't!?!

Gary Saunders: A shambles, the two up front for us would struggle to get a game in the conference, I thought mid table before the window opened but now definitely bottom half.

Gary Cullimore: Absolute joke off a Transfer window just signing opposition sides to us rejects.

Alan Chandler: Cowley appears to be trying to build his own squad under a moderate wage bill which will take time..... For me he will be judged by many in October/November. This season is what it is, we will be okay and a top half finish will be an achievement with this squad.

Ian Nisbeck: I am trying to be balanced but I do think it was a poor window.

I have no problems with any of the players let go. They had gone stale at best, and were poor at worst.

I think Walker and O’Brien cannot be worse than Harrison and Marquis, Carter definitely better than Downing, and Hume a good young LB, but we haven’t dramatically improved the squad and with Williams badly injured are short in midfield.

Definitely showing a lack of ambition.

Dean Murphy: Yet another pathetic January transfer window.

We’re worse than when Jackett was here and promotion was never going to happen.

Dave Clarke: We're standing still, and with so many players out of contract in the summer it looks like we'll once again have to sign half a squad on the cheap.

The Championship seems a long way away.

James Watson: I think the season is a write off, again. It all really depends on what happens in the summer, they now have the budget and space in the squad for at least 5 top quality players at that point.

Anything less shows we have no ambition on the pitch at this point.

Ian Watts: Awful transfer window. Let seven go five in three on loan a and one six month deal which Sunderland couldn't wait to get rid of. One of the signings was another goalkeeper signs because we let are other keeper out on loan

Glenn Russell: The squad was stronger before the window. Shambles of a window.

Shawn Woodward: Poor again be lucky if we make the top 12 at the end of the season.

Sam Remi Ingram: I've got to say that outbound was excellent, but very disappointed with the level of ambition we are showing inbound.

We are getting gazumped for decent players by teams in the bottom half.

It's clear the budget set is atrocious and we appear to have no ambition and for Pompey, that's not good enough.

We needed a ten and a striker, it was obvious from day one, we moved on all the high earners to create space with plenty of window remaining but we leave it until the last day, final hours, to make a panic loan with Sunderland paying half the wages!

That tells it all in terms of ambition.

Not saying we had to spend big, but some players with a bit of quality on loan could make a big difference, we'll be looking over our shoulders rather than up for the rest of the season now.