REVEALED: Danny Cowley’s transfer message over landing Portsmouth attacking target as he details focus for the rest of window

Danny Cowley has vowed he won’t be held to ransom in his hunt for a new front man.

The Pompey boss has revealed his transfer focus lies on bolstering his front line and landing a new midfielder before Monday’s transfer deadline.

But Cowley believes the prices he’s being quoted for potential recruits are being inflated beyond their true values.

And the 43-year-old promised he will hold off spending the money until the summer if that continues to be the case.

Cowley said: ‘We would to bring a permanent in the forward positions, knowing we potentially won’t have any forwards come the summer. That’s our ideal world.

‘But we’re not going to pay over the odds to get a player in now, because we know January can be an emotional window.

‘We’re not going to pay over the odds for anyone, because that doesn’t work in the short term or long term.

‘If we can’t do that, we will work skilfully to come up with another solution.

Danny Cowley. (Photo by Daniel Chesterton/

‘The number nines cost the big bucks.

‘We know what we want out of our number nines.

‘We have a huge faith in Tyler Walker, his technical ability and finishing.

‘We have George (Hirst) and Ronan (Curtis), who can play in those position as well.

‘If we could add another player in that area that would really help.

‘But we won’t pay over the odds. I’d rather save the money and use it in the next window.’

Cowley has landed four players this month with seven players departing either permanently, on loan or by being recalled from temporary stays at Fratton Park.

He would like two additions before Monday’s 11pm deadline, but is absolutely adamant that won’t be at the cost of his long-term planning.

When asked if he was looking for a midfielder and attacking player, Cowley said: ‘Yes, we would like to add two players to the group.‘We’re on 19 at the moment and in an ideal world we’d like to leave the window with 21 players.

‘That’s what we’d like to do, but it’s not always possible.

‘We’ve got a clear recruitment strategy and we know what we want to do.

‘We’re pleased with the work we’ve done and have needed to create some finance.

‘We’ve done that really skilfully and early, and that’s given us more scope than we’ve anticipated.

‘We know the type of players we want to bring to the club.

‘January is not an ideal world though, sometimes you have to compromise.

‘If we do have to compromise, what we won’t do is make decisions which affect the club long term.

‘People will need to respect and understand we have a clear vision of where we want to go. We won’t let anything get in the way of that.’

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