'Wow!!! Why?... What in the world' - Portsmouth fans react to Danny Cowley's starting XI for Doncaster game

Danny Cowley's latest team selection has got fans on social media quickly reaching for their phones.

By Mark McMahon
Saturday, 12th February 2022, 2:35 pm
Updated Saturday, 12th February 2022, 2:37 pm

Out go Connor Ogilvie, Denver Hume and Mahlon Romeo – and in come Clark Robertson, Marcus Harness and Reeco Hackett.

At first look it appears that Harness and Hackett will play as wing-backs for the visit of Doncaster Rovers.

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However, many supporters aren’t sure – leaving many confused, exciting or fearing the worst all at the same time as kick-off approaches.

Here’s a selection of views shared on social media….

@DanKnight10: Very ballsy to go 3-1-6.

@blublud84: Or....its 3412?

Connor Ogilvie starts today's game on the bench after Danny Cowley made three changes to the side that beat Burton in midweek.

@pscanling: This is a great opportunity to get three points.

To risk it with a big change is questionable.

If we win, especially if we win big, he can take the credit. If we lose, the knives will be out. Gotta win!

@danieledmunds4: Are Harness and Hackett the wing backs?

@GavinJones_14: Wow!!! Why? Ogilvie unbelievable all season Romeo I slightly understand as he’s only just come back from injury Hume? He’s looked decent since coming in something doesn’t add up

@Hilly69er: If he wants an attacking side (understandable) why put players that aren't wing-back in the side essentially nullifying their attacking abilities? Surely a different formation should be used?

@pfcmccloud: what in the world.

@GeorgeSlatcher: No idea what formation this is. I’m guessing he’s telling them to basically go score more than Doncaster.

@Dylanmc2007: My faith in Danny is going down by the second.

Reeco and Harness at Wing-Back? Both have proved this season they play so much better in other positions and can score goals.