Portsmouth boss calm over transfer chase

Kenny Jackett is remaining relaxed over Pompey's pursuit of players.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 6:55 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:01 pm
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett: Picture: Ben Queensborough

But the Blues boss admitted the loan market could now become a key area in completing his recruitment.

Jackett explained there is no arrivals imminent as the days count down to the close of the permanent transfer window on August 9.

There's been a lull in transfer activity with just Anton Walkes' expected arrival completed since a an early-summer flurry of five additions.

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Pompey boss Kenny Jackett: Picture: Ben Queensborough

Jackett remains keen on landing another striker and attacking midfielder, but isn't prepared to add bodies if he doesn't feel they can improve his squad.

He said: 'There's not (anything imminent).

'If things change we're always looking and want one maybe two more, if we could, but they have to be the right players.

'In our position we don't feel that we need to get players just to take someone to bolster numbers. We won't do that.

'We want someone who is either a complement or better. That's going to be really important.

'Permanents are ideal and we'd still prefer our own players, but as we stand at the moment we haven't got any loans, and if it now falls into place that we need them it would probably be ideal.

'That's because it would supplement what we consider to be a solid squad at a good age.

'It's hard to tell (how it will go) right where are now, but can't say someone's travelling down right now.

'Are we waiting for calls from people? Yes, everyone will be doing that.

'We're working away and that never stops. But do I think one will break today or tomorrow? No.'

After next Thursday the loan window stays open for the rest of the month, and Jackett feels it's a market Pompey are ready to utilise if necessary.

He added: 'There's 10 or 11 days and then for the loan market the rest of the month from Wednesday.

'I do think once the permanent window shuts there will be that market operating for the next few weeks, just because of the unusual situation we have.

'There is then only one option past the ninth, and that will be loans.

'Again, though, my preference would always be to do something earlier rather than later, if we can and have the choices to select the right people.

'We think we are well suited and situated to get them (loans from big clubs) if we can.

'You are always balancing that with the development of your own players.

'We've invested money in contracts and, if you say Ronan Curtis, a fee if not an extravagant one.

'We want him to develop and work as a Portsmouth player.

'The basis of our squad are good ages and we do want to make them work and develop.

'But, yes,quite clearly, if we could improve with a loan we would.

'Knowing the market shouldn't' stop.

'You have to constantly be working away at knowing the market and who's going where.

'You can't sign every player, but when they do move, you need to know what the situation is, what the fee was and what wage they are likely to command.'

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