Sack Jackett now? Portsmouth fans who think that need to get a grip!

Pompey fans have taken to social media in their numbers after the 1-1 draw with Gillingham. Here's a selection of those forthright views.

Sunday, 28th February 2021, 6:00 pm

A frustrating one no doubt. Felt ominous after we hit the post early. Our home form shows how important the #bluearmy is. We still have time to achieve our goals. Stay positive. #pup


1 win in 6 is awful. Do the right thing and sack him before another season is wasted down the drain

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How can you seriously expect the board to sack him this late on in the season with play offs/ autos still within reaching distance. People need to get a grip I don’t like watching this soul destroying football either. But calling for him to be sacked now is pointless!


Hanging on for a point more like. Wont even make the play offs. Teams going places dont settle for points. Peterbro behind win in last ten minutes. Sunderland 2 down get back to 2-2. Not gonna happen. Play off will be a waste of time as Kenny tries another tactical miracle.

Pompey boss Kenny Jackett


The Eisners should be more worried about the complete apathy that seems to be permeating so much of the Pompey fanbase (not just on social media) than the actual results. Covid and no fans clearly has a part to play but it’s not easy to reignite passion.


Watching today's game really brought home where #Pompey are at. Forget automatic promotion, and don't bank on play offs either. We've definitely got a squad capable of getting us up, just not the management team to get us there. So frustrating. Another season wasted


The plus side of us being awful is that there's almost no temptation to spend £10 each game on ifollow. My bank balance thanks you.


First time I've paid for ifollow in 6 weeks, won't be doing that again in a hurry


Unfortunately we just lack some class in areas. Defensively we look poor, players waiting for someone else to do something rather then grabbing game by scruff of neck and dominating it. 8 goals in nearly 50 games from Harrison is just poor considering a few been pens.


Disappointing, but we are still 4th and there is still 48 points to play for. Apart from the posh everyone up near the top are slipping up. 3 points at Donny it is then. PUP #kJB&WA


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