Assisant manager Scott Green leaves his full-time role at Gosport Borough

Scott Green has left his role as Gosport Borough assistant manager.

By Lewis Mason
Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 12:50 pm
Scott Green has left his role as Gosport Borough FC assistant manager.

The former Pompey Academy coach and boss of Finnish club Pallo-lirot departs his full-time position at Privett Park.

Along with working as Shaun Gale s assistant for first team responsibilities for the past year, Green took on a role within the club's centre of excellence earlier this summer with lead coaches Pat Suraci and Joe Lea.

Boro boss Gale admitted the timing of his departure was far from ideal, but he understood the 'personal reasons' behind Green's exit.

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Gale said: 'I don’t really need to go into any details, I haven’t fallen out with him by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just the fact for personal reasons he’s decided to move on.

‘It’s not for me to divulge. Scotty worked with me for a year and most of the time we were in lockdown so it was a difficult year for everyone.

‘That’s where we are at the moment. I will look to replace him, but I’ve got Ben Kneller with me so I’m quite happy with where we’re going at the moment and we’ll go on from there.

‘It’s not ideal when someone leaves your club just before pre-season starts, but everyone has got to do their own thing for themselves and I understand.'

Gale has already began his search for a new assistant and has had a helping hand in pre-season.

But the Boro boss says it's unlikely the club will look for someone to come in on a full-time basis to replace Green's roles.

Gale explained: 'We’ve got Joe (Lea) and Pat (Suraci) there (in the centre of excellence), it was a role that because we had such a quality person in the building, there was a role for him.

‘I think Joe and Pat will continue there, they’ve got some extra coaches they’re going to bring in, so probably more part-time people will step up and do stuff.

‘I’ve got a couple ideas of people, it’s just appointing a person really; I don’t want someone who lives miles away, I want someone local.

‘One door closes, another one opens for someone else. I’ve got a couple of people who are helping me and doing bits and bobs behind the scenes.'

Gosport host AFC Portchester in the Ray Stainton/Steve Woods Memorial Cup on Friday - just seven days after they drew 0-0 in the first of two friendly matches between the teams.