Chipper: Sun, sea and sandwiches...almost

Greetings Chipsters everywhere.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:48 pm

Over the weekend, my good friend Brindley and I decided to go to the beach again. It was only right given the gorgeous hot weather we’ve had.

Because of our fur, us animals get even hotter than humans in this weather – I knew I’d be straight in the sea.

We packed scrumptious sandwiches to eat and took along with us our bouncy beach ball.

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As we stepped on to the soft, silky sand, we noticed a dog, a pug to be exact, with no lead. It dashed towards us and started barking.

Peter the Pug had lost his owner and was a little distressed.

That was okay though, Brindley and I are always looking for new friends so we said Peter could stay and play with us.

After a while, Peter’s owner was still nowhere to be seen, so Brindley, Peter and I left our sandwiches to go and investigate.

We were strolling along when Peter noticed a familiar-looking beach towel. He wasn’t sure if it was his owner’s. Those things all look the same to us.

As we got closer to the object, Peter started squealing with excitement. ‘It’s his! I can smell his scent!’

Suddenly, Peter’s owner came rushing over. ‘Oh Peter, where have you been?’ he exclaimed. ‘I’ve been looking everywhere for you!’

We were so happy to have helped Peter out. We said goodbye and returned to our sandwiches but they’d gone soggy in the sun, drat!

Chip chip for now. Chipper.

Competition winners: This week, three lucky Chipsters have won the latest prize in my fabulous competition.

The winners are: Lucy Cole (198), Tori Duggan (1031) and Sean White (4010).

Congratulations all three of you. You have each won a family ticket to Beaulieu.

If you didn’t win this time, it doesn’t matter.

As always, there’s another competition for you to enter on my page in the newspaper. Good luck!