Waterlooville restaurant Koop+Kraft is selling Squid Game cookies

A RESTAURANT is selling cookies inspired by the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

Koop+Kraft in Cowplain is serving up the themed desert for a limited time only.

The cookie is the restaurant’s own version of the Dalgona treat from the South Korean thriller Squid Game.

The honeycomb candy is served with a shape imprinted into it, with customers having to chew around the shape without causing it to split.

The Squid Game desert at Koop+Kraft

A popular street food snack in South Korea, people who successfully complete the task are given free sweet as a prize.

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In the Netflix show, players in a game have to use a sewing needle to cut around the shape printed into the cookie, and the ones who complete the task go through to the next round of the game.

Koop+Kraft diners will be able to take part in a similar challenge, using a dessert knife rather than a pin.

Here's what the desert looks like at Koop+Kraft

Those who are able break off the excess pieces of honeycomb while leaving the shape completely intact will win their dessert free of charge.

There will be four shapes available – a triangle, umbrella, star and circle – inspired by the shapes the players are given in the show.

The restaurant’s founder, George Purnell, decided to add it to the menu in the run up to Halloween as a seasonal treat, and said: ‘Like most of us, I binged Squid Game in just a few sittings. All you have to do is go onto social media to see how popular it has been and lots of people have been talking about the cookie that was featured in one of the games in particular.

‘We’ve seen so many people trying to make their own at home, but we decided to put our own spin on it. Although the stakes won’t be quite as high as they are in the show, it’ll be a bit of fun for the customers to take part in – while satisfying their sweet tooth at the same time.’

Koop+Kraft’s version of the Korean delicacy will be served on a bed of waffles, served with honeycomb syrup and honeycomb ice cream, with crushed honeycomb scattered on top.

It will be on the menu for a limited time only, from October 25 until October 31.

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