Reader's Letter: Sick of seeing the 'lazy and selfish' park in Albert Road, Southsea

Parking in Portsmouth is a well-known problem but there is a knock-on that goes beyond commuters not finding a space each day.

By Reader's Letter
Monday, 5th July 2021, 12:09 pm
Cars parked on double yellow lines in Albert Road, Southsea
Cars parked on double yellow lines in Albert Road, Southsea

Selfish people are leaving their cars and vans on double yellow lines - blocking pedestrian and cyclists' views of the road.

Take Albert Road in Southsea for instance. Each day the lazy and selfish park outside Sainsbury's, no doubt just to nip in and buy dinner.

People without a permit cannot park in the zoned bays between 5pm-7pm and probably fear getting a ticket.

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The few time-limited bays opposite the mini-supermarket are always full.

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But that means people crossing at the four-way junction where Albert Road is cut through by St Ronans Road/Francis Avenue are put at risk.

Stepping out with my young child the other day I could hardly see if there was any traffic coming from the east on Albert Road.

Isn't it really time that people take on a bit of social responsibility and stop parking on the double yellow lines?

The lack of no usable space is no excuse. The rules of the road are there to be observed.

And if it's that much of a problem, buy your dinner in advance.

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