WATCH: Has Gosport's big '˜UFO' mystery finally been solved?

THOUSANDS of people have watched video footage of mysterious lights in the skies above the Gosport area.

Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 9:23 am
A still from video by Derek Reay of lights over Stubbington

But rather than a sudden invasion of tiny green aliens, it seems the truth may be far less startling.

People living in the town have seen strange lights in the night sky for the past few weeks, but it appears as if they could be high-flying drones.

Hayley Parkes took a video of four of the objects flying above Stokes Bay as she was driving past last week.

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A still from video by Derek Reay of lights over Stubbington

She said: ‘My heart skipped at first as I was driving past the beach, so I pulled in and took a closer look to see what it was.

‘You can see in the video how they came close to make a triangular formation and change colour.’

Hayley, from Gosport, said although it was not clear from the video, the objects were ‘quite large and square-shaped’.

They also had three strips of colours – red, blue, and white – which meant they could change colour.

A still from video by Derek Reay of lights over Stubbington

Last week Daniel Smith, from Hilsea, spotted something similar above Gosport.

In his four-minute video clip three lights can be seen changing colour from green to purple before moving into a triangular formation.

After the video was posted on The News’ website, readers came up with their own theories for the lights on social media.

Derek Reay, from Stubbington, also filmed the lights.

His video showed four coloured spots moving side to side, often in tandem.

He said: ‘We often have helicopters flying overhead and these lights were definitely not the same as a helicopter. They appear to be smaller.

‘Judging by their position, from our bungalow, I would guess they may well be flying over HMS Collingwood, or certainly in that area.

‘Whether the MoD is carrying out tests there, I do not know. But these lights, possibly on drones, could be flying in the flight path of one of the police or air ambulance helicopters often in that area.’