Sam Poole: It's time we helped fatties lose weight

It's time we stopped beating around the bush on the subject of child obesity.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 6:00 am

In recent weeks it has come to light that sugary drinks will be taxed, restaurants have been asked to offer jugs of water, and having an awareness about what we eat is greater than ever before.

The topic of obesity isn’t something I’ve thought about much before.

However, the recent experience of seeing children struggle because they are overweight has made me come to the conclusion that it’s time to put a stop to it.

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Firstly, young people have limited choice on what they eat.

I believe those who plate up their meals on a regular basis are partly responsible for where their health may lead.

Smiley faces, turkey twizzlers, pizza, and more fatty foods are undoubtedly tasty, but having them on a regular basis isn’t on. And, feeding them to children frequently is totally unfair.

I guess it doesn’t help with all the advertisements which tempt our tastebuds into buying the rubbish.

Also, I’m sure the fact unhealthy food is so cheap is another reason why so many are served it so frequently.

As I commute home from work I am bombarded by pictures and slogans which feed my desire to bite into the so-called goodness of these products.

Life is all about sustaining a balanced diet. If we don’t keep it balanced then we will face the consequences in later life.

It’s all very well reading the inspirational stories of someone who has lost an enormous amount of weight, but we should aim not to get to that situation in the first place.

Life is all about having fun and making the most of the opportunities before you. So why should your weight prevent you from having that enjoyment?

I acknowledge there are people who have genuine health reasons for being overweight.

Nevertheless if we can reduce the number of young people who are obese, we’re heading for a brighter future.

Our society has evidently been battling obesity for as long as I can remember, but it does appear more has been done in recent years to end the problem.

But will we ever see the issue resolved?

We need to stand together to tackle obesity.

We should also support those who are caught up in it and are struggling to support themselves.

Let’s not stand around and analyse statistics about those who are overweight.

Let’s do something about it and make a change that will last forever.