Kathy's, Stubbington | Restaurant review

It’s the kind of place where slogans such as ‘smiles are contagious, pass them on’ and ‘live simply, dream big, give lots, be great, laugh lots’ adorn the walls.

By Dish Detective
Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 3:36 pm
Kathy's in Gosport Road, Stubbington.
Kathy's in Gosport Road, Stubbington.

There are wipe-clean flowery tablecloths and it boasts a menu of British staples.

It’s not gourmet – it’s just a few steps up from a greasy spoon, but immaculately clean and welcoming.

A quick Google shows up its five-star hygiene rating.

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The mega breakfast at Kathy's.

Tucked around the back of Stubbington, in Gosport Road on the way to Daedalus, Kathy’s is a proper caff – a place worthy of having the owner’s name hanging above the door.

It used to be a newsagents, News and Booze, before Kathy got her hands on it in 2016 and transformed it into its current incarnation.

There’s even free parking outside.

We’ve often heard great things about Kathy’s. We note that among the motivational slogans proudly hangs the Good Food Award for Takeaways 2020.

The burger and chips at Kathy's.

As well as local word, the rumour on the Slimming World circuit is that she does a great breakfast.

One that can be made healthy if you ask.

In fact, the cafe’s website says the menu is inspired by Kathy’s own weight loss, which saw her loseeight-and-a-half stones.

No mean feat.

And we are not disappointed on our visit as among the specials hand written on chalkboards is a mega breakfast – £10 for three of everything.

We’re sold.

But today we’re not watching our waistlines. Load us up please Kathy.

It’s past midday and our companion is hungry for lunch so opts for a burger and chips.

As we’re in a proper British cafe, a cup of tea is ordered, as well as a can of Diet Pepsi. Both are the best they can be.

The breakfast arrives first and it’s massive.

A feast fit for two people.

Everything’s good.

There are no artisan sausages or hand-reared, maple-glazed rashers of bacon here, it’s simply good honest grub.

It includes three perfectly-cooked fried eggs, three sausages, three rashers, beans, mushrooms, fried bread and tomatoes.

Top notch.

Our companion’s burger is your standard cafe burger with a side of salad served with the perfect amount of excellently-cooked chips.

Other choices on the menu include jacket potatoes, bubble and squeak, omelettes – you get the picture.

There’s also an array of cakes to pick from: carrot cake, Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle and the like, and we take a slice of Earl Grey cake to really pack our stomachs.

It’s beautiful.

We were served by Kathy’s mum, who was nice and friendly, while Kathy herself was doing the legwork and cooking in the kitchen.

There’s a steady stream of customers, but there are quite a few empty tables.

However it’s a weekday so we didn’t expect it to be rammed.

A visit to Kathy’s wouldn’t be complete without seeing the lady herself and Kathy comes out to see us before we leave.

She’s just as friendly as her mum, sealing our opinion that Kathy’s is a fantastic family-run business.

If you’re after a quality breakfast, then you can’t go far wrong than by showing your support to a local independent business like Kathy’s.

It’s a great little place. Stubbington you are lucky to have such a well-honed cafe like Kathy’s.

Now get down there and fill those empty tables.

Our bill came to £20.60.