Portsmouth wooden pallet manufacturer TIPCI brings in innovative waste wood recycling process

A PORTSMOUTH manufacturer that makes 10,000 wooden pallets every week has brought in an innovative process that’s helping it to thrive while also helping the environment.

TIPCI is a pallet manufacturer, in Claybank Spur, Hilsea that supplies big retail companies.

It has introduced a process to deal with its waste wood, and instead of it being burned or taken to landfill, the waste wood is recycled and crushed to form blocks, which are then in turn used to strengthen the pallets.

Previously, the firm was buying in the blocks, which are used at the bottom of its pallets, from Holland.

Connor Hoare, front, with the team, left to right, Colin Eames, Johnny Hoare, Basir Sami, Darren Hoare, Tony Parrack and Michele Hoare. TIPCI Group Ltd in Claybank Rd, who recycle pallets thereby preventing them going to landfill Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 220721-05)

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Now it is the only UK pallet manufacturer to have brought the process in house – and the decision is starting to pay off as the firm has expanded, taken on new staff and is looking to ramp up production.

Connor Hoare, who has been the acting director of TIPCI Group Ltd since 2016 after taking over from his dad Darren, made the decision to start crushing the wood earlier this year.

Connor used his love for technology to bring the business into a new age.

Connor Hoare. TIPCI Group Ltd Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 220721-03)

Connor, who lives in Baffins, said: ‘In terms of business, what we do is important because anything that needs to be delivered would need a pallet - it is essential for businesses and warehouses.

‘Then on the other side of things, in terms of recycling, as a company we want to make a difference to help reduce excess materials that do go into landfills - we are just trying to do our bit!

‘Most of our customers and business comes from retail, so during lockdown when retail had to close, we did felt the impact because they didn’t have as much product that needed to be moved around so less pallets were being ordered.

Inside the factory. TIPCI Group Ltd in Claybank Rd, Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 220721-17)

‘But, since reopening our sales have picked back up and the lockdown showed us where our business was coming from, so since then we have diversified our customer base, so we now have customers equally across warehouses and industrial work bases as well.’

The wooden blocks that are created from the excess wood replicate the strength of timber and if put into the ground it could last up to 40 years.

The process was only made possible with the help of a group of scientists and Basir Sami, who is a university lecturer but also runs his own wood treatment company CEC AB Ltd.

TIPIC hopes to become the most sustainable pallet business within the UK, as well as the biggest pallet supplier.

Connor has just hired four new staff members and hopes to take on another 10 when the factory starts a night shift.

For more go to tipcigroup.com

Story by Sophie Gibbons

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