Rare doves make Hampshire zoo their home

A RARE pair of doves have gone on display at a Hampshire zoo.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 5:00 am
The Luzon bleeding-heart dove at Marwell Zoo in Winchester Picture: Tom Harrison/Solent News & Photo Agency UK

Marwell’s aviary is playing home to two Luzon bleeding-heart doves called Dave and Sheila.

The secretive birds originate from the Philippine island of Luzon and are given their name because their distinctive red spot resembles a bleeding wound. They are typically found in areas of dense vegetation such as tropical forests.

Marwell’s senior birdkeeper Jess Borer, 28, said: ‘There are several species of bleeding-heart doves that have red dots on their breast and I don’t think anyone knows why they have it.

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‘They spend most of their time on the floor foraging around looking for seeds and fruits.

‘They originate from three islands in the Philippines including Luzon, and they are categorised as near threatened.’