'Blurred boundaries' between Portsmouth's parking zones could be introduced

PEOPLE living in the city's controversial parking zones could be able to leave their cars in neighbouring areas as part of new rules to ease what has been dubbed a 'crisis'.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 7:00 am
Residents with parking permits could be allowed to park in neighbouring zones if there are no spaces in their own

Portsmouth City Council is looking to introduce 'blurred boundaries' between residents' parking zones that would allow motorists with permits to park in a nearby zone.

A slew of other ideas, including reducing the cost of a third vehicle permit from £590 to £300, banning students in halls from buying permits and offering free permits for electric vehicle owners, will also be considered.

Traffic cabinet member, Councillor Lynne Stagg, said: 'Residential parking is a problem in the city and I have discussed this issue at length with many residents.

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'I am looking forward to considering the proposals for the roll out of residential parking and improvements to the scheme.'

It comes after a decision on changes to the system had to be put on hold in July this year when opposition councillors branded the plans 'a mess.'

But Tory Cllr Luke Stubbs welcomed parts of the new report, which is due to be heard at a meeting on Friday. 'I have been saying that the zones should be blurred for years,' he said.

'Overlapping zones makes obvious sense.'

However, he had doubts about other proposals for the zones. He added: 'People will still park their third cars outside the zones if they cost £300. As residents' parking zones spread out to areas where where there are less parking problems we are going to find many more third vehicles in those streets.

'As for electric vehicles, it'll be a similar situation to what happened in London when low emission vehicles were exempt from the congestion charge. Eventually there were lots and they had to start charging them. 

'All we are getting at the moment is continuous displacement, areas are still feeling the effects of the MB and MC zones being re-introduced. Residents don't want these places to be dumping grounds, which is what they've become.'

There are currently 37 third vehicle permits issued across all the zones.