Candidates across Havant, Bedhampton, Hayling Island, Emsworth set to stand in upcoming Havant Borough Council election on May 6

CANDIDATES are standing for election at Havant Borough Council. All candidates in The News’ area were contacted.

By emily turner
Thursday, 29th April 2021, 1:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th April 2021, 5:03 pm


Anthony Berry - Labour

Bradley Stuart-James - Liberal Democrats: I believe that on a local government scale, we can embrace a more caring capitalism and combine its benefits with a green agenda to create jobs and save our planet. This belief means investment in parks and open spaces, in order to maintain the environmental, social and health benefits that it brings. I would also encourage any pressure on energy companies to produce green, renewable energy, such as wind and waterpower.

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Malc Carpenter

Yvonne Weeks - Conservative: I’m Yvonne Weeks, Conservative candidate for Barncroft ward in Leigh Park seeking re-election. I have been one of the Barncroft Ward Councillors and served the residents since 2004. I’m a local resident who lives in the ward. I have always put the residents first and do my very best to support their needs and aspirations, especially the vulnerable in our community. I am passionate about our open spaces, we need to maintain them for our residents well being.


Malc Carpenter - Hampshire Independents: I like to think my record shows my commitment to the area, always in and around Leigh Park shopping areas, I am approachable and have a ‘can do’ attitude, not always successful but willing to try for all residents whichever party they support, at local level we do not adhere to the mainstream politics but get to grips with whatever needs doing. If you want real change in our area , go out to the polls and vote!

Jason Horton - Labour: I passionately believe that local residents who know the issues in their areas are best placed to represent their communities. I have lived in West Leigh for 14 years and as the founder of Havant Community Litter Pickers and member of a Facebook group providing meals for those in need I am active in the community. If elected I will work to address anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping, improve parking and communicate regularly with residents.

Annie Martin - Liberal Democrats: Having lived in Leigh Park for over 20 years, I value the community spirit here, and have seen the love and kindness shown by so many during this pandemic. As we return to normal, I want to help local shops and businesses recover, encouraging fun events. I want to see everyone have the best possible chance in life, and help those less able, particularly those with mental problems, building back confidence.

Tom Moutray - Conservative


Rosie Blackburn - Green

Philippa Gray - Liberal Democrats: I have lived in Bedhampton for over 30 years. Before retiring in 2015 I was an IT project manager, since then I have spent my time supporting our community in Bedhampton and the surrounding areas. I am inspired by the way that resilient communities can work together to mitigate climate change and want to use this insight to make Havant and Hampshire better places to live, work and relax.

David Guest - Conservative: David is a retired international development consultant with 20 years’ experience as a councillor. Living in central Havant he takes a close interest in the public realm and delivery of the Local Plan to drive employment prospects, greener housing with supporting infrastructure. As a volunteer, David has successfully raised substantial funds to support many community and school projects. David is campaigning for delivery of the Broadmarsh Coastal Park, and quality maintenance of amenity spaces.

Philip Pearson - Labour


Isabel Harrison - Liberal Democrats: I am standing for councillor in Bondfields because I believe in the joint principles of individual liberty, inclusivity and creating a more caring society. Whether the issue at hand is tackling our housing crisis by pushing local councils to introduce affordable housing, the environmental crisis and the need to maintain our green spaces, or simply encouraging good mental health by supporting young people through youth service workers, I am passionate about seeing this community prosper.

Amy Redsull - Labour: I’m Amy Redsull, standing for the ward of Bondfields. I am Havant Labour’s youngest female candidate this year and in my final year of Politics at the University of Chichester. Since becoming politically aware I’ve become sickened by apathy shown towards our community by so-called representatives. I want to be a voice for the community and make a difference, locally. In my spare time, I am a photographer, avid music fan and keen football supporter.

Richard Stone - Conservative: I have been a resident of West Leigh for the last five years and am delighted to live in the area. I am passionate about local issues, such as the local environment and making a success of the Free Port announced in Dunsbury Park. I also wish to ensure that Havant is a great place for young people to settle down and start a family.


Lisa Tyler-Jackson - Liberal Democrats: Having lived all my life in Hampshire; I worked for many years in the technology in the education sector. My husband and I have lived in Cowplain for the last five years. If elected, I aim to support and enable a vibrant community in Cowplain, informed by the spirit of justice, equality of opportunity and liberalism, and in the understanding that it is often the so-called 'small things' which make the biggest difference to people's everyday lives.

David Keast - Conservative: It is a real privilege to be able to stand again for the Cowplain Ward. I am unashamedly a local councillor dealing with local matters. The best part of the job is meeting people and being able to help them with their problems. I strongly support any action to reduce global warming. I work hard to ensure that Cowplain gets proper investment on its roads and work closely with the police to stop motorcycle nuisance locally.

Quentin Wallace-Jones - Green


Steve Bilbe - Labour: Steve Bilbe is the Emsworth candidate for Labour. He is a deputy headteacher who works in Havant and lives in Emsworth. He states that: ‘I believe in the power of Government to improve the lives of all people - globally, nationally and locally. If elected I will ensure that Havant Borough Council works to ensure that all members of our society are given all the support they need to help them recover from the Covid crisis and all new housing developments include sufficient affordable and social housing.’

Lulu Bowerman - Conservative: On May 6 I am seeking re-election for Havant Borough Council. I was elected in 2016 and have worked to resolve issues such as planning and enforcement, parking and rubbish collection. Also involved with setting up the welfare aspect of Emsworth Alliance and working with local community groups to retain the library in Emsworth and move the doctors’ surgery. Key objectives: improvements to community facilities and infrastructure and supporting the town centre post Covid-19.

Jane Briggs - Liberal Democrats: The last year has seen many jobs lost in Emsworth and Havant. We need our councils to attract businesses back into the local shops and industrial estates but these need to be properly paid, permanent jobs, not zero-hours contracts. As I have lived with my family in Havant Borough for over 20 years I know the area and it is important to me that residents get the best possible support from their councillors and councils.

Anne Sayer - Green: I have lived in Emsworth for three years, and am co-founder of a social enterprise which runs projects focussing on healthy oceans and cutting waste in the Solent area. I launched Dr Bike as part of the Havant Repair Café to help people cycle more. I’m concerned about pollution of our local harbours and also want to see more space given over in Emsworth to people and biodiversity rather than cars and parking.

Hart Plain

Susan Arnold - Labour: I moved into this area 35 years ago to take up a post as a Science teacher in a local school and stayed teaching locally until I retired. I want to live in a fair society where everyone has the same opportunities which will only happen with the Labour Party in power. We desperately need to reverse the cuts to public services and put ordinary people first.

Suzette Gray - Liberal Democrats: Suzette Gray has lived in the Havant area for more than 40 years and is passionate about her local borough. Suzette would like to see better investment in local services and a plan to rejuvenate the dilapidated high street shops. Hart Plain needs a councillor who will not agree to just sign off on more Tory austerity measures but will actively and optimistically fight for the needs of the residents.

Elaine Shimbart - Conservative: I have represented you for almost 15 years. Living in the heart of the area I am aware of the difficulties and aspirations of many of our residents. As a councillor I have served on many key committees and at present am also a trustee at the local Acorn Community Centre which does so much for our local area. I ask for your support on May 6 so I can continue the work I have been privileged to do.

Haying East

Wilf Forrow - Liberal: I’m a retired IT professional, a Hayling Islander for 45 years, 15 of them as a Scout leader. My three boys all went to Hayling schools. I want to challenge the Tory monopoly in Havant. I want more houses, but the right houses, in the right places, with infrastructure. I want more cycle paths, less air-polluting traffic, less sewage in our harbours, and an environment protected against climate change and sea level rise.

Robert Soar - Green: Originally from Gosport and brought up in a seaside town Robert Soar has been a Hayling resident for 30 years. After art school he spent ten years in advertising and aerial photography before moving into a career in IT. Now retired he has sufficient time to fully devote to serving the people of Hayling, Havant and Hampshire so is standing for both borough and county councils. This is in realisation of the urgency of implementing green policies to maintain and improve the quality of life for both present and future local residents.

Lynn Tolmon - Labour: I'm Lynn, a single mum from Emsworth, now living on Hayling after 10 years in Liverpool. I worked with Liverpool Biennial to start Homebaked Anfield, an award winning social enterprise that's literally changed the neighbourhood around Liverpool Football Club. Down here I have collected and delivered vanloads of aid for Grenfell Tower survivors, run the campaign to save the railway cottages in Langstone, and most recently forced the police to take action over gender-based aggression on Hayling.

Leah Turner - Conservative: As a long-standing resident of Hayling Island, with 43 years of living and working on the Island, I am seeking re-election as the Conservative candidate for Hayling East. It has been an honour and pleasure to represent residents for the last 11 years and I pledge to continue to pass on residents views and concerns to Havant Borough Council. Hayling Island is a wonderful place and I will always work to improve and promote it.

Hayling West

Sheree Earnshaw - Labour: I am a Community Care Worker, and it has been heart-breaking to see the effect on service users during this difficult year. My main priority will be on improving conditions within Health and Social Care for workers and service users. Education funding, the academisation program and cutbacks has drained resources and needs to be sorted. Essential too that more families get their first-choice schools. Infrastructure remains a problem on Hayling, we need to ensure new houses do not come before doctors’ surgeries and road improvements.

Paul Gray - Liberal Democrats: I believe that Hayling is a very special place and that its biggest natural resource (our beautiful beaches) need more protection and better management. I am campaigning for strict environmental planning and support clean water projects such as Citizens Against Sewage. I also believe there should be sensible parking charges for overnight vans at the West Beach and investment in better services for beach users.

Richard Lanchester - Green

Brenda Linger - Conservative: I have lived on Hayling for just over 20 years and am seeking election to stand as a councillor for Hayling West, it will be a privilege to be elected to represent local people and to be a part of the decision making process in the council and committees. I understand it is a position of trust, and I will do my best to balance the needs and concerns of residents.


Patrick Bealey - Green: My name is Patrick Bealey, and I live in Purbrook. A concern for the climate really became fired up at the time of the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island in 1979. There was no Green Party then. And I am very glad to represent the party today.

Simon Hagan - Labour: I have lived in Purbrook with my family for the last eight years. I am a secondary school teacher at a local school. I am very concerned about the lack of affordable housing in the local area but also passionate about the need to protect the green space we are lucky to have. I am in favour of high quality local services and believe we need a strong Labour presence on the council to hold the Conservatives to account. In my spare time I enjoy running and have been a supporter of Aldershot Town since my childhood.

Caren Howard - Conservative

Paul Tansom - Liberal: A lifelong Purbrook ward resident and actively involved in the local community. Paul attended local schools and still lives here with his family, whilst running a local business. As a school governor at both Morelands Primary and Purbrook Park, he has a particular interest in education. He is a STEM Ambassador and runs a Morelands after school club. Paul enjoys making the most of the local environment and represents stakeholders on the Langstone Harbour Board.

St Faiths

Phil Munday - Labour Party: I care about Havant and want our town to be successful and thriving. As a retired headteacher I have the experience of running a large school and a strong interest in protecting our environment. I believe in a more equal society and better protection of our health and education and care services. If elected I will inform local residents on planning and infrastructure issues through regular newsletters, and support our local shops and traders by demanding free parking in local shopping centres.

Imogen Payter - Conservative: Imogen is the fourth generation in her family from Havant. She went to nursery at the Pallant, was baptised at St Joseph’s Church and went to St Thomas Mores Primary school. She’s chairman of a local community group, helping over 300 local households in the pandemic, and is a school governor at Fairfield Infants School. Imogen is standing in this election because she believes it is important to have young people involved in the community.

Faith Ponsonby - Liberal Democrats: After 40 years in Emsworth, we are moving into the centre of Havant, because of excellent transport links, food and clothes shops. But I am in despair over the housing estates encroaching on our local green spaces, and the traffic issues these engender. I want better facilities for youngsters in Havant, and to encourage visitors to come to such a central hub for walking, sailing, and cycling leisure activities which will provide much-needed jobs.

Shelley Saunders - Green: I have lived in Havant for 44 years and have a degree in Environmental Studies. I have c20 years’ experience in vendor management and service excellence, due diligence in vendor selection and driving value for money. I served six years on the St Faiths PCC (c4 years as Treasurer) where I implemented finance and budget management processes enabling many community endeavours. I believe in sustainable development, building a #greenfuture and a fairer society for all.


Lorraine Brown - Labour: I am Lorraine Brown and I am your candidate for Stakes Ward. I have lived in the area for 14 years, have children that attend local schools, and I work in a local school. My husband works for the NHS. My priorities are improving mental health services. Town centre investment. Improving bus services and stopping drs surgery closures. I pledge to make the streets safer for all. I pledge to maintain play areas and improve services for young people. I pledge to ensure none of my constituents goes hungry and that they receive the services they need.

Dianne Lloyd - Conservative: Dianne Lloyd is a hard-working councillor. She is chair of scrutiny, was a member of the planning committee for four years and has worked to support

residents in Stakes. She set up the Stakes Stars volunteer help group in the 2020 lockdown. Dianne’s priorities now are to make sure Stakes’ residents get value for money, help tackle loneliness and isolation in Stakes, represent Stakes’ residents on planning matters, and create a residents’ association to support and improve Stakes.

Gregory Pearson - Liberal Democrats: I am passionate about preventing climate change and ensuring that we do all we can locally. This includes ensuring our local homes have up-to-date housing insulation as this will help prevent greenhouse emissions and fuel poverty. I am also conscious of protecting our local greenspaces, as these have been invaluable to the local community during the pandemic. I also pledge to address local poverty issues by improving education, jobs and affordable housing.

Warren Park

Richard Brown - Labour

Tony Denton - Conservative: I am 44 years old, a company director and I run a vehicle export business out of Langstone Gate. I want to help local people with local issues. I believe that the council needs people that have a strong business background to ensure that the budgets are managed well. I feel I have plenty to offer local residents to ensure they feel like they are getting the best value for their council tax and hope to make a positive difference.

John Jones - Liberal Democrats: My name is John Jones and I have been living in Warren Park for around eight years in total. I want to work with the police to find a safe place for all the off-road motorbikes to be used safely, engage local residents in council decisions and get the street lights turned back on in all the areas they currently get turned off at during the night.


Izzy Fletcher - Liberal Democrats: I have lived in Waterlooville since 2018 and am passionate about improving the local community and tackling climate change. Having lived under other Liberal Democrat run councils and seen first hand what they can achieve, I am keen to replicate the recycling facility infrastructure in Havant and community support that our neighbouring Liberal Democrat councils do successfully. I am a strong believer in doing more locally to create a better community and society for everyone.

Howard Sherlock - Labour: Born in Coventry, I moved to the South Coast in 1972 and have lived in the Havant Borough for over 40 years. I spent over 20 years as a teacher in Leigh Park. We know that government cuts to council funding has had a significantly negative impact on schools, housing, social care and much else in the borough. I believe that real change must happen which can only be achieved by electing a Labour council.

Peter Wade - Conservative: It has been my privilege to represent you in Waterloo ward since 2013. I am delighted to be part of the West of Waterlooville Forum which meets regularly to improve housing in the rented, part-owned and private housing sectors and in 2018 was proud to be elected as Mayor of Havant; during which time, with your help, I helped to raise funds for two worthy charities. I now ask for your continuing support at the elections.