New law makes it illegal for under 18s to get Botox for cosmetic reasons in England

By Carly Roberts
Friday, 1st October 2021, 9:12 am

People under 18 years of age will no longer be able to get Botox and dermal lip fillers for cosmetic reasons under a new law in England.

The law applies to those visiting from outside England or who have the permission of someone aged over 18.

Treatments can, however, still be approved by a medical practitioner to be carried out by a doctor, nurse, dentist or pharmacist on those under 18 with a clinical need.

Then health minister Nadine Dorries announced the law last month following a significant spike in the number of young people attempting to achieve a so-called ‘Instagram face’.

Ms Dorries wrote in the Mail on September 5: “No child needs cosmetic procedures unless for medical reasons. Their physical and mental development is not complete.”

The change comes after MPs said a “complete absence” of regulation of beauty treatments such as Botox and fillers is putting the public at risk – and “maintaining the status quo is not an option”.

There was a complete lack of a legal framework of standards around non-surgical aesthetic treatments, which has left consumers at risk and undermined the industry’s ability to develop, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing found.