Sympathy for injured Kabongo Tshimanga as Portsmouth defender Haji Mnoga is also offered support for unfortunate tackle on Chesterfield striker during Weymouth loan outing

Football fans on social media have rightly been sending their best wishes to Chesterfield striker Kabongo Tshimanga following the tackle from Haji Mnoga that saw him hospitalised on Saturday.

By Mark McMahon
Monday, 14th February 2022, 1:15 pm

The National League’s 24-goal top-scorer had to be stretchered off following the 80th-minute challenge during the Spireites’ game against Weymouth.

That’s where Pompey defender Mnoga is currently on loan as he bids to gain some much-needed game time ahead of his Blues return in the summer.

There’s been no further updates on striker Tshimanga’s condition.

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However, Terras boss David Oldfield revealed his young Fratton Park defender is ‘distressed’ and ‘distraught’ following the incident at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

He also stressed the 19-year-old did not set out to hurt the Chesterfield front man.

Mnoga wasn’t punished by referee Greg Rollason for the tackle, while no foul was awarded either.

And despite obviously wishing Tshimanga well in his recovery, it seems many football fans on social media are off the same opinion as the match official.

Pompey defender Haji Mnoga is currently on loan at National League Weymouth

After seeing the unfortunate incident via a video tweet posted by @NonLeagueNews, @CountyPodcast wrote: ‘Fair & strong but with a dire & unfortunate outcome.’

@blathers67 commented: ‘I think he's took the ball.

‘Can't avoid the collision with the momentum of the follow through.

‘Really unlucky for the player. Seen 10 times worse than that waved off.’

@ougs103 said: ‘What a tackle! Anyone in my team does that and I am off my seat applauding.

‘Very unlucky for the player, but it’s just that - bad luck.’

‘It’s a great tackle, just very unfortunate with what happened to Tshimanga,’ was @kianwardgk’s verdict.

@Willo1988 replied by saying: ‘Wins the ball fairly.

‘Clearly the player hasn’t meant to cause a serious injury. Obviously wish the lad a speedy recovery.’

@Darren_J96 added: ‘Good tackle I think, just desperately unfortunate.’

Meanwhile, @jackBrighton8 posted: ‘Excellent challenge, shame about the outcome.’

Adding to the theme, @DazBraithwaite said: ‘Throw in to Chesterfield. End of discussion.’

@muffer89 wrote: ‘Lets be honest its an outstanding tackle if tshimanga walks away unscathed everyone applauds that tackle!’, while @martinT20 added: ‘Great tackle unfortunate injury.’

In response to some of the above, @nonleague1234 said: ‘I think it's disrespectful to even talk about it! He's obviously got a serious injury.’

Meanwhile, in reference to Mnoga’s red card against Rotherham earlier in the season when on loan at Bromley, @spireite14 commented: ‘Reckless. Compare it to his tackle at Rotherham where he received a straight red. It looks identical.

‘Obviously hot headed who has no regard for his victims. Throw the book at him.’