Spectrum Workplace is helping companies redesign their offices to fit the ‘new normal’ of hybrid working

AN OFFICE design company uses a detailed data-driven process to provide top quality office renovations.

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Tuesday, 2nd November 2021, 4:13 pm

Spectrum Workplace, 2 Marples Way, Havant, works with companies who are looking to redesign their office spaces, and helps clients find a design solution to best suit the needs of their company and employees.

Jim Fidler, 48, from Rowlands Castle, is a director of the family business which was started by his father in 1975.

Although the focus of the business has shifted from selling second-hand furniture as it was 46 years ago, the family legacy has continued as Jim’s four children all work in the business in various roles.

Pictured: Jim Fidler owner of Spectrum in his office in Havant. Picture: Habibur Rahman

The business focuses on providing top quality furnishings and fittings within its designs, sources products such as sit-stand desks that can adjust their height and is an official supplier of Herman Miller office chairs.

Jim said the process can be very data-driven with a lot of science behind it, which he thinks people are not aware of.

He said: ‘If the client wants, we start with a consultancy process before we’ve even started the design, to help them come up with a design brief that fits what they need.’

‘It includes staff surveys, finding out what type of tasks they’re doing during the day, if they have meetings, with how many people, we do analyses of all the different departments and who works with who.’

Spectrum Workplace office and showroom in Havant

‘There’s a lot of in-depth study, then hopefully the outcome of that data is quite a defined brief.’

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The biggest project the company has worked on was for the bungalow provider RoyaleLife in their Whiteley office, which cost £3.4m for an entire three storey building renovation.

Jim said that since the pandemic he has received a lot more enquiries, from companies who are rethinking their management perspectives and changing the dynamic of what the office is used for.

Spectrum Workplace office and showroom in Havant

He has noticed that more companies are downsizing due to hybrid working, and want to make their office a place that employees feel comfortable working in.

Additionally, companies who are looking to recruit want to make sure their offices are attractive to potential employees.

He said: ‘In terms of trying to attract staff, they’re thinking that they have to sort their offices out and get them to a decent level.’

To find out more about Spectrum Workplace, visit spectrumworkplace.co.uk or call (023) 9248 9933.

Pictured: Staff of Spectrum in their office in Havant on Thursday 14th October 2021. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Story by Sophie Murray