Former Portsmouth footballer Chris Kamara joins forces with Jules Hudson to launch Cash In The Attic reboot on Channel 5

CHRIS Kamara and Jules Hudson join forces for the all-new reboot of of Cash In The Attic.

Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 9:22 am

When the call came to say that the popular auction series would be renewed, Jules Hudson was thrilled.

The Escape to the Country star had been on the original roll call of presenters when the much-loved auction series, which turns hidden treasures into cash and viewers’ dreams into reality, had its original run on the BBC.

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Pictured: (L-R) Chris Kamara and Jules Hudson. Picture: PA Photo/©Channel 5/Studio Leo/Olly Courtney.

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    Now a decade on and the daytime staple – which has been off air for the past 10 years – has a fresh new look for 2022, and a new home on Channel 5.

    To which the 52-year-old is more than happy to follow.

    ‘I was absolutely chuffed to bits and very flattered to be asked,’ he says of the offer to reinstate his position, this time alongside new co-host Chris Kamara.

    ‘I’m an old archaeologist, so I’ve always been fascinated by the story of stuff, the social history that is contained within so many items that we all have in our homes. It’s fascinating,’ he said.

    Pictured: (L-R) Chris Kamara and Jules Hudson. Picture: PA Photo/©Channel 5/Studio Leo/Olly Courtney.

    ‘So it was never going to be difficult to get me on board, to go in search of interesting items in the company of interesting people, and then see when they make at auction. It’s all good.’

    Former Portsmouth footballer Chris Kamara said: ‘Cash in the Attic was an iconic show that had iconic presenters, so I thought I’d lower the tone.

    ‘It’s been a real joy meeting so many people and learning about auctions too – I’ve even got myself a new catchphrase in “Let’s get Ready to Rummage”.’

    The long-running format (40 episodes) will appeal to both fans of the original show and a new generation of antique-hunters, online auction bidders and fans of vintage, promises the broadcaster.

    ‘Overall the premise is pretty much the same,’ Mr Hudson said. ‘And of course, we’ve got our expert valuer appraisers on board, who accompany us on all of our rummages – rummages is a term we give to our day when we’re looking through our sellers’ collections in their own homes.’

    ‘It’ll get everyone giving all that forgotten stuff in their attic a good look to see if they might have something worth taking to auction,’ Kamara, 64, said.

    ‘Then there is all the thrills and spills at auction – we never know what is going to fly and what’s going to flop – sometimes it pains me more than our sellers.

    ‘But ultimately, this show is about seeing people’s dreams come true so it is going to leave viewers with a smile on their face… and we could all do with a bit of that right now.’

    Mr Kamara added he never expected to take a campervan, Beanie Babies, or a vintage tennis racquet to auction.

    He added an autograph of Sir Elton John also appeared on the show.

    The process has left him eager to go through his own collection.

    ‘My wife loves a good clear out and there are lots of things I’m regretting letting go of now,’ he said.

    ‘But I do have a collection of what would be called vintage vinyl nowadays and lots of football memorabilia that’s priceless to me.’

    Cash In The Attic premieres on Channel 5 next Tuesday.