Royal Navy: HMS Queen Elizabeth leaves Glen Mallan in Scotland for Rosyth to make shaft coupling repairs

A Royal Navy flagship is continuing her journey to where she was built to fix a propeller shaft coupling fault.

HMS Queen Elizabeth departed Glen Mallan in Scotland today and is sailing towards the drydock in Rosyth. She stopped at The Northern Ammunition Jetty to drop off munitions, with her final destination being the Firth of Forth dockyard, where she was built. The 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier left Portsmouth on March 5, with groups of residents waving goodbye to her. She was pictured with the Arrochar Alps behind her.

The mechanical issue was discovered on February 4 during pre-sailing checks. She was supposed to lead the UK Carrier Strike Group during Exercise Steadfast Defender – Nato’s largest training operation since The Cold War – but was replaced by her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales.

Mechanical faults have not been the only problems for HMS Queen Elizabeth. A fire swept through the parts of the carrier March 9. National tabloid The Sun reported the fire injured ten sailors and destroyed 100 beds.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said the blaze was quickly brought under control, and will not impact her commitments.