D-Day 75: Everything you need to know if you are going to D-Day ceremony at Southsea Common in Portsmouth

Veterans together with their 'D-Day 75' Companions left Portsmouth International Port to sail on the Brittany Ferries, Mont St Michel to take parts in the events in Normandy, France over the coming days. Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-8096)
Veterans together with their 'D-Day 75' Companions left Portsmouth International Port to sail on the Brittany Ferries, Mont St Michel to take parts in the events in Normandy, France over the coming days. Picture: Malcolm Wells (190603-8096)
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PORTSMOUTH is set to hold the national D-Day 75th anniversary commemorative ceremony tomorrow. 

The event will take place on Southsea Common and tens of thousands of visitors are expected to come to the city for it. 

If you are travelling to Portsmouth or are a resident of the city planning on going to the common, here’s everything you need to know. 

When and where is the D-Day 75 ceremony? 

The 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landings will be commemorated with a ceremony in Portsmouth on June 5. 

The event will be held on Southsea Common and is set to begin at 11.30am.

You can read more about that here

Who is attending the ceremony? 

There will be hundreds of D-Day veterans, who stormed the beaches in Normandy 75 years ago, attending the ceremony on the common. 

Joining them will be the Queen and major world leaders including Donald Trump as well as the Prime Minister and many more. 

Click here to see all of the leaders who are attending

What security is in place and how to get in? 

Due to the high profile nature of some of the VIPs attending the ceremony – including the US President – there will be heightened security across Portsmouth. 

The ceremony itself will be behind a soldi steel fence with only guests allowed through. 

While a second fence will go around Southsea Common but the public are allowed through after taking part in a security check. 

There is one public entry point on the common. 

You can see the map, the entry location and the no-go zones by click here

Can I watch the D-Day ceremony? 

Unless you have an invite you will not be allowed in to watch the ceremony, so you will not be able to see the Queen and D-Day veterans with your own eyes. 

However it will be televised and if you go in the public area on Southsea Common on June 5 it will be shown on the big screen. 

So you will be able to get the atmosphere and see the ceremony, albeit on a screen. 

If you want to watch from home or at the office it will be shown on BBC One. 

For more details on the TV coverage click here

Can you bring food and drink into public area? 

Yes you will be able to bring your own food to the common tomorrow! 

The council have said: ‘You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to the events.’ 

There will also be a bar and food concessions so you will be able to purchase stuff inside the public area. 

What facilities will there be? 

There will be a whole range of facilities on Southsea Common for the events, including additional toilet facilities, as well as welfare support.

All toilet blocks across the site include a disabled toilet.

There will also be an accessible viewing platform for wheelchair users and mobility scooters in front of the largest screen. 

What time is the Red Arrow display? 

The Red Arrows will be taking part in the fly-past during the D-Day 75 ceremony tomorrow. 

Then they will also return for a display over Southsea Common. 

The timings for that can be found here

Where can I park? 

If you are travelling into the city by car you are encouraged to use the park and ride – with the usual city one off the M275 as well as a special D-Day 75 only one on King George V playing fields. 

For more info about the park and ride services on June 5 click here 

What do I need to know if I'm travelling to Portsmouth? 

You will be able to get to our city by road, rail and sea. 

To see our full travel guide – click here

What roads are closed? 

A series of road closures will be in place across Southsea from today and throughout tomorrow. 

The hard closures started at 8am this morning while other soft closures will come into place on the day of the Southsea Common ceremony. 

To see the full list click here

Should I drive in Portsmouth? 

Whether you live in the city or are planning on driving in tomorrow, the city council are advising against using your car in the city centre as traffic is expected to be very heavy. 

Read more about that here

Will cars be removed? 

If you leave your car on any of the roads that have been closed for D-Day, even if you are a resident, the council have warned that they will remove the vehicles. 

Click here to read more

Which car parks are closed? 

A number of the main car parks in Southsea are included in the road closure areas and as a result have been closed. 

Here is our list of all of the car parks that are closed

Queue warnings for rail passengers

South Western Railway have said that there will be queuing systems to get on the platforms at Portsmouth stations over the coming days. 

So if you are traveling by train don’t be surprised if you have to queue to get onto the platform. 

However SWR will also be offering free travel to veterans and members of the armed forces on June 5 and June 6. 

Click here to read more

What is the weather expected to be like? 

The Met Office has issued its latest forecast for Portsmouth tomorrow. 

So if you are planning on coming down to the common and wonder if you need a coat or a brolly – see the forecast here

What other events are going on in Southsea Common? 

D-Day 75 events will be continuing throughout the week from Wednesday until Sunday. 

Here is what else is going on